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What can we do?

We assess building products for compliance across multiple sustainability codes then use the latest QR technology to make that data accessible to everybody - anywhere, anytime.

Are You Aware?

  • In Abu Dhabi and Dubai all building materials must comply with sustainable codes by law. This law will soon impact all other Emirates.
  • Sustainability compliance of all products must be confirmed and supported by technical documentation before a sale is made.
  • Contractors who price tenders without confirmation of material compliance are taking serious risks.
  • Every building material supplier needs to be aware of these regulations.

Welcome to Ceres SmartScan - the future of building material compliance!

  • Provides a fast and simple way to establish a product’s likely compliance.
  • QR technology allows all supporting documents to be downloaded by anyone with a Smartphone.
  • Smartscan is not a database. Each supplier has their own QR code which they attach to their brochures or website for free access by end users.


  • Products are assessed for Estidama, LEED (v3 & v4) and Al Sa’fat compliance.
  • Unique QR code delivers all required data 24/7 to any user with a smartphone.
  • No need to provide supporting technical documents ever again.


  • Don’t hide your product in an expensive third party database.
  • Deliver QR code instantly via your website or email.
  • Use your own customer network.


  • Include QR codes in your trade literature and product manuals.
  • Key data easily accessed by anyone with a smartphone.
  • Minimises printed material.


  • Delivers user-friendly data directly to your smartphone.
  • Determines product suitability for any project.
  • View interactive 3D models of products as well as galleries or videos when available.
  • Direct link to supplier for questions.


  • Eliminate confusion and delays in sourcing the correct paperwork.
  • Reduce procurement approval time from weeks to minutes!
  • All technical documents required for sustainability approval can be downloaded and printed on demand.


  • Entire process can be done on any Smartphone with free QR code reader application.
  • Seamless - users can contact suppliers directly either by text, email or call.
  • Data is accessible 24 hours a day from any location.


  • Products displaying the Smartscan code signify that they have been fully assessed with all required sustainability data freely available.
  • Each assessment has the backing of a full team of independent sustainability professionals..