Al Sa'fat

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What is Al Sa'fat?

  • Al Sa'fat is the sustainability regulation used to govern all construction projects within the Emirate of Dubai.
  • Introduced in 2016 Al Sa'fat replaces Dubai Green Building Regulations (DGBR).
  • Al Sa'fat is an enhanced version of DGBR with around 24 additional credits.
  • Al Sa'fat compliance is mandatory with very few exceptions.
  • There are four rating levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum.

Our Approach

Al Sa'fat ratings can take months to approve and have a direct impact on the development schedule. Our online procurement and audit process ensures all submittal documentation is thoroughly checked for content and quality paving the way for the fastest possible approval process.

For Designers

As of September 1st 2016 Al Sa'fat replaces DGBR as the mandatory sustainability regulation for all building types including villas, buildings, factories, etc. With a minimum standard of Bronze, higher ratings of Silver, Gold and Platinum are possible under this new system. Applicable to all Dubai projects requiring a Building Permit a design stage submission is required at the end of the documentation process before construction can commence.

Our function is to guide the design team on matters of sustainability compliance and ensure a timely approval process.

For Contractors

Construction projects need to be monitored from the date of site mobilisation and Al Sa'fat compliance is all about providing documentary evidence of this. A very large portion of this relates to building material compliance and the collection of substantiating technical documentation. As a result the final construction submission can, depending on the size of the project, involve hundreds or even thousands of supporting documents.

Our online management systems ensure all documents are collected and collated during the course of the project before key staff have been demobilised.

For Suppliers

Al Sa'fat compliance varies between building types so it is vital to know that your building materials are permitted for the intended project. Supporting technical data relating to sustainability specifications must be provided with all quotations before materials can be procured.

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We have developed online systems and cutting edge technology designed to deliever the best consulting services & experience available for all stakeholders. Our systems and procedures ensure your project will meet it's compliance targets easily and efficiently.

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